Client Success: Claire Lost 28lbs

If you’re looking for an inspirational and motivating personal trainer who practices what he preaches and can help YOU make the changes that you want to make, then contact Danny today.

Here’s what some of Danny’s clients say:


Danny is the best PT. He has such a lovely rapport with his clients and genuinely cares about helping you to feel the best you can about yourself in a healthy and sustainable way. He has a fabulous attitude and will support you 100% which aids your confidence. He’s a pleasure to work out with. Would definitely recommend!!


Danny is an expert in his trade, his advice is always spot on and his workouts tough – like they should be 🙂 He continues to read about the latest developments and research in his field and applies them to his routines. I have had various gym memberships over the years but they were a waste of money as the results seen in a couple of months under the advice of Danny achieved more that years of the former. Best of all is that he is a genuinely great personality which makes all the difference.


Training with Danny has been the best investment in myself. In only 6 sessions I can see and feel the massive difference. Thanks to Danny pushing me to new levels and motivating me to reach my goals…..my only regret is why it took me so long to start………if ur reading this then my advice is to pick up the phone and Danny will sort the rest!


I have been working out with Danny since February and I love that he can work around my family and business commitments. I am a mother of three children and am self employed as a childcare provider. As a result, I work 60 hours a week so I needed to be creative about my fitness.

Whilst working out with Danny I have seen marked improvements in my fitness, endurance and muscle mass. Danny has helped me to believe in my abilities and has really pushed me beyond anything I thought possible. Some examples of this are running 1k, 5k and 10k and trying to beat my times. Danny has never done the same work out with me, which I love because I get bored very easily. Danny had also had the challenge of me having tennis elbow and has always managed to be creative and protective, which my physio will be happy with!

Danny is friendly, knowledgeable and leads by example and I cannot recommend him enough.


I worked with Danny for two months to kick start my health regime in preparation for my wedding. Danny has been a great inspiration and without doubt he has helped improve my fitness and weight loss. The sessions were fun (apart from Burpees!) and challenging – Danny is really good to work with and has excellent knowledge. Would certainly recommend him and will be working with him in the future.

Phil and Sarah

In only seven weeks I’m 21 pounds lighter and my partner has lost 14 pounds and we are now a whole lot fitter. Me and my partner have now been working with Danny for seven weeks and this is without a shadow of doubt the best decision we have ever made! As seasoned dieters we had attempted every single one of them, including Slimming World, Slim Fast, and Weight Watchers, to name but a few! In some cases they worked at first, only to gain weight back a few weeks later. We had lost all hope until we met Danny. He has helped us to look at losing weight differently. Danny has help us to understand how the body works and how getting fitter with just a few hours a week can make a massive improvement to our lives. 

As we had never used a personal trainer before, we are anxious on the first day as we didn’t know what to expect, but from day one Danny has had a really outgoing nature and is very easy to get along with. He did an assessment on the first session and I felt like it was a poor performance as I could only just run 1k. I didn’t believe I would be able to do it, but I remember that the first thing he said when we got back was “This is the best day in the last year because you just ran 1k, and when was the last time you did that?” Thinking about it, he was right and it really helped us to see that taking that first step was a massive achievement in itself. Without Danny I think I would have given up on day one!

Now on week seven and we are going strong! We are fitter than we’ve ever been, we have a lot more energy and are both losing pounds and inches as the weeks go by. Its unbelievable how far we have come, from not been able to run 1k, to now running 7.5k (and I could probably run further!) Also setting new personal bests week in week out is the best feeling! I could safely say I couldn’t do this without Danny. His knowledge, motivation and his diet advice are the reasons why we have come so far so soon! Without him I know we wouldn’t be were we are now! ! I look forward to breaking more PB’s with Danny and getting fitter and healthier!


Danny has been my personal trainer for 4 weeks now and I have already seen vast improvements. I was struggling with my weight and fitness since my wife and I had our first child, 6 years ago. I had been working out at the gym on and off for 3 years, but I had not been consistent and my diet hadn’t been that great. I am so thankful that Danny has been able to help.

From the outset he measured all my stats and we discussed my goals. Danny is a good listener and he offered good advice about nutrition. Danny sets me some fantastic, varied workouts that are really challenging and enjoyable. I am now working out consistently and I love the targets that Danny sets.

One example of the targets is the run where each week I have to try and beat the time set the previous week. This is an excellent test for me and I look forward to beating my time. Danny records all my reps and weights that I have lifted which is great to see the progress I am making.

As of today I have lost 6 lbs and my muscle mass has increased considerably. I feel so much fitter and the best thing is that I have only been working out with Danny for 1 month and have progressed so much. I am looking forward to the next 4 weeks. Thanks Danny!

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