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Personal Trainer Leeds

Every product this page has helped me to go from unhealthy, overweight and unfit to one of West Yorkshire’s leading personal trainers. I know what works and I have helped people all over Leeds and Bradford to lose weight, get fit and feel amazing about themselves.

Protein: Adequate protein is vital for toning up, getting  lean and building muscle. I supply on the best quality whey protein. Don’t get sucked into buying inferior quality protein that’s full of sugar and protein types that your body can’t utilise

Meal Replacement Shake: If you want a quick and easy way to replace a meal or two a day then a meal replacement shake is a quick and easy way to stay in control of your calories whilst shedding fat, tonight up and staying energised.

Super Greens: Send your health and energy through the roof with these super foods. Super Greens contain 23 nutrient dense, super green foods, which have been handpicked to provide you with an array of different health benefits. What’s more, Super Greens is so nutrient dense that it is the equivalent to over 5 of your 5 A DAY. We have chosen the finest green foods on offer; all of which are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, fibre, and phytonutrients.



PNI Pure Protein Advanced Formula

•27g Protein
•1.3g Carbohydrates
•0.8g Fat
•Rich in amino acids
•Zero Lactose
•Zero Gluten
•100% full disclosure
•Unbeatable taste

Pure Protein Advanced features PERFECT PROTEIN BLEND™ technology, a perfect ratio of fast, medium and slow digesting proteins to stimulate and prolong protein synthesis, enhancing fat oxidation and improved overall benefit. The PERFECT PROTEIN BLEND™ with a digestion rate of 8 hours and 3 blood Leucine level spikes, increases satiety (feeling of fullness); leading to a more content and controlled body. Pure Protein Advanced is rich is amino acids such as that may stimulate human Growth Hormone secretion. This increase in hGH induces lipolysis (fat breakdown), leading to better body definition.

Chocolate Caramel
Strawberry Cream
Vanilla Delight

Price: £46.00


PNI Lean Shake Plus

The bestselling Lean Shake Plus – a formula evolved from the original Lean Shake. The new and improved formula rapidly became grounded as one of the flagship products in the PNI Supplements range due to the sheer magnitude of incredible feedback we received from the drastic improvement our customers have witnessed in the changes in their lifestyle, goal achievement, health and wellbeing.

However unlike other brands success merely isn’t enough for us at PNI Supplements – we actively seek and strive towards perfection! This is why we are proud to announce yet another improved formula to enhance your goals and lifestyle further than ever! We went back to the drawing board, sifting through hundreds of pages of research from the best protein forms to the most effective and proven ingredients not only limited to improving fat loss but to help improve your overall health and wellbeing.



The original Lean Shake Plus comprised of Whey Protein Concentrate (a fast digesting protein source), Milk Protein Concentrate (a mix of fast and slow digesting protein) and Soy Protein (medium digesting protein) which all together mimic the multiple digestion rate of wholefoods.

After more researching, we decided to alter the protein sources, removing soy protein due to unreliability and accountability behind hexane extraction methods. This was replaced with the nutrient dense egg white albumen that comes from one of nature’s very own powerhouses – the egg.

We also improved the formulation to reflect a 33:33:33 ratio between the three protein sources, meaning their is 33.33% of each fast, medium and slow digesting protein forms which not only leaves the new and improved formulation ideal for helping you feel fuller and more satisfied for longer after drinking. However this also makes the new Lean Shake Plus versatile enough that it can still be used effectively for the period immediately following intensive exercise where your hard worked muscles need the building blocks to recover as quick as possible.

Delactosed & Gluten Free

Lactose is a sugar derived from dairy which surveys show up to 80% of the population has varying degrees of intolerance to, most of whom don’t even know! The usual symptoms are stomach upset, constipation, excessive bloat, water retention and unpleasant flatulence. This is often a factor other competitors ignore to address in their products as it is generally not something your average member of the public is aware of however, we at PNI Supplements aim to produce not only high quality and effective products but also products free of unnecessary and avoidable side effects.

Gluten is a protein composite that comes from wheat, grains and containing products which due to the nature of mass food production and industrialization over the years have become a constant in most peoples’ diets. While only a small percentage of the population are actually medically classified as ‘gluten intolerant’ a diet too high in gluten, products containing gluten too often etc. can easily lead to symptoms such from something as mild as an upset stomach/bloating, a headache, flatulence all the way through to Hypotonia and Anemia. Some may never experience these symptoms irrespective of how much gluten they consume in their diet but we have gone the extra mile for those that have to ensure that Lean Shake Plus can suit everyone.

Key Fat-loss and Well-being Ingredients

As we know, protein is the key nutrient for keeping us satisfied and keeping hunger at bay forming the base of what we believe in any effective die shake formula, therefore any additional ingredient we add to the formula needs to be accountable and effective to be worthwhile as each addition takes up serving space away from the protein. We decided to do away with the acai berry, which is more suited as part of a detox type product and which is why we brought Acai Detox to the market. The new Lean Shake Formula’s active ingredients have been changed and improved with the following:

50mg Co-Enzyme-Q10

Co-Enzyme Q10 is an ingredient rarely used by manufacturers due it generally being incredibly expensive due to it’s proven benefits. CoQ10 is produced in the body with it’s primary role as both a potent antioxidant (fight and scavenge damaging free radicals which can hinder the efficiency of your body burning body fat amongst others) and to aid the function of the mitochondria (every cell in your body’s ‘powerhouse’ responsible for directly producing energy from fuel such as body fat) and thus energy production. Simply put the greater the efficiency of your mitochondria, the more effective they will be at burning fuel for energy and if one of these sources is body fat the ability of your body to burn this fuel source for energy will be optimised.

Several disease states also appear to be associated with lower CoQ10 levels where supplementation has been shown to be effective in improving recovery from; post-myocardial infarction (heart attack; benefits may not extend to all heart conditions) and fibromyalgia showing the greatest effect but other diseases also include; depression, Prader-Willis syndrome, male infertility, Peyronie’s disease, migraines, and Parkinson’s.

Co-Enzyme Q10 also helps protect low density lipoproteins (LDL, the ‘bad cholesterol’) and can both reduce the rate of which LDL gets damaged by oxidation and also reduce the amount of damaged oxidized LDL does to the blood vessel, this role is also somewhat unique to CoQ10. What this means and why this is significant to us is that due to these various effects, CoQ10 may exert some protective effects against artherosclerotic plaque buildup which is one of the major contributors to heart disease, adding to it’s list of benefits as an ingredient effective at improving overall heart health.

1g Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is considered a mitochondrial health (your cells’ powerhouses responsible for producing all usable energy) and bioenergetic compound, able to alleviate the effects of aging and disease on the mitochondria and increase the potential of the mitochondria to burn fat. Mitochondria turn fuel sources such as Triglycerides (fatty acids) and Glucose (carbohydrates) in usable energy, therefore increasing their efficiency you increase the rate at which fuel can be converted into energy – by positively influencing fatty acid metabolism ALCAR helps increase the potential and efficiency of fat burning.

ALCAR has also been shown to be very effective in alleviating the side-effects of aging (neurological decline such as memory loss, chronic fatigue etc) as well as being a very safe method of improving insulin sensitivity and blood vessel health in those that have weakened or delicate cardiac health, which are both crucial factors in the pursuit of losing body fat as well as a healthy lifestyle. It also exerts beneficial effects on neurons, repairing them from damage induced by some states such as diabetes (diabetic neuropathy) therefore allowing your body to operate more optimally in any task where your nervous system needs to conduct messages effectively, not only in it’s ability signal body fat stores to be more readily accessible for energy usage.

With this in mind this also shows the benefit of ALCAR as an effective brain booster where the increased neurological activity leads to an increase in alertness, mitochondrial capacity, neuronal support and by acting as a cholinomimetic (increases acetylcholine levels, acetylcholine being an essential neurotransmitter in the autonomic nervous system – part of the nervous system through which the brain communicates all movement related signals to the muscle cells). L-carnitine helps improving management of both physical and mental fatigue, well-being, and reduces functional impairment associated with cancer.

From the above you can clearly see why Acetyl-L-Carnitine was not only included in the old formulation but also carried through to the new and improved formulation but we have increased it 5 fold! This massive increase to 1000mg/serving is also within officially studied dose ranges which are proven effective. Many supplement companies do not invest as far as the studied dose due to the costs of premium ingredients however a core value at PNI Supplements is that the customer worth any investment to ensure optimal effectiveness and quality of the products we offer.

Green Tea Extract (standardized for 90%EGCG)

Over the past few years since it started being used in fat loss and weight management solutions Green Tea has become one of the most popular and widely used ingredients in the weight loss sector of the supplementation industry. From the old Lean Shake Formula we moved to a purer extract which is standardized for 90%EGCG where studies show EGCG has the most beneficial effects in a fat loss and weight management driven environment compared to the other catechins which Green Tea consists of. Directly from a clinical study it is believed that daily ‘’oral administration of 270 mg of EGCG (as standardized green tea extract) produced the following effects over a 24 hr period:
1. Energy expenditure (EE): 4% increase;
2.Fat oxidation (FO): 35% increase

…The results show that the oral assumption twice a day of 150 mg of

formulate (EGCG)… leads to a significant weight loss after 90 days of treatment. As a matter of fact, the

formulation associated with the hypo-caloric (eating more than your body expends) diet induces an average weight loss of approximately 14 kg vs. about 5 kg lost following the hypo-caloric diet (alone);’’

We have decided to use 150mg 90%EGCG standardized Green Tea in the new Lean Shake Plus which, if followed at the 1-2 daily serving recommendations you can expect; increased capacity and efficiency of your body to breakdown fuel for energy (4% increase in EE) but also for this fuel burning to be more effectively taken from your own unwanted body fat (35% increase in fat oxidation).

Alongside this Green Tea Extract has a wide array of additional benefits ranging from potent anti-oxidant properties, reduction in water retention, improvement of mental focus and energy, anti-cancer effects and many others. The host of support behind it’s effectiveness in multiple fields resulted in us finding an even better quality extract for our customers.

Lower Sugar

Sugar is one of the most addictive things in the world and a major contributor to the wide-spreading of obesity, type-2 diabetes, chronic inflammation and a vast array of CHDs (coronary heart diseases) due to the negative effects sugar abuse exhibits on factors like insulin/leptin sensitivity, inflammatory response, triglyceride storage (fatty acids). The new and improved Lean Shake Plus now has even less sugar than the previous formulation which itself only had 3.2g making it already extremely low, however we have raised the bar yet again by slashing this to an unbelievable 1g of sugar per serving!

Chocolate Caramel
Strawberry Cream
Vanilla Delight

Price: £27.00


PNI Super Greens 

Boost your nutritional intake, energy and vitality with this super-food formula! Just one serving daily provides a synergistic blend of over 23 plant-based essential nutrients.

Highly alkaline-forming and rich in antioxidants, the Super Greens formula nourishes and protects your body, increases energy, promotes healthier bones – and so much more.”

PNI Supplements Super Greens is research proven to give you energy with gluten levels of less than 20ppm. We cannot claim the product is gluten free, however the World Health Organisation does define Gluten-free as 200ppm or less.

No heat is used in the manufacturing of Super Greens, but some ingredients are produced in a way that does not allow us to claim Super Greens as a raw food. We believe a raw food is one that is found ‘as in’ nature (i.e. a whole apple) and thus do not use ‘raw’ in our packaging.

Every 8.5g serving of Super Greens contains 383mg of organic, field grown wheat grass sprouts that are generally free from allergens found in mature wheat. The wheat grass powder made from these sprouts contains chlorophyll and acts as a blood purifier and a cell-cleansing agent.

Price: £25.00

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