Personal Training Birstall, Batley, Leeds, Bradford

We’re all different. Not just physically, but psychologically. My personal training is a truly personalised service. Before we even do any training we will discuss what motivates you and what your goals are, only then will I start to build a tailor-made training plan for you.

Personal training encompasses a number of different areas

  • Weight Loss (See my clients’ results here)
  • Health & Fitness (cardio, aerobic, anaerobic)
  • Strength
  • Nutrition (Advice, assessment, diet plans)
  • Aesthetics (Muscle development, six-pack, toning)
  • Motivation and Psychology (Goal setting, peak performance, life coaching)

I truly believe that my training and experience enables me to provide you with a unique personal training service that is unmatched in its ability to transform your body and mind. You will not only look great, but you will FEEL great too!

  • 1 Session a week: £145 per month
  • 2 Sessions a week: £295 per month
  • 3 Sessions a week: £440 per month

PT sessions are conducted in at my private fitness studio in Birstall, between Leeds and Bradford.


To enquire or to book, please contact me here.