Whether you want to lose weight, strip fat or build muscle what you what you eat accounts for 60-80% of your long-term success. There is a really simple five word sentence which sums up how simple it is for the average person who wants to lose weight:Sports-nutrition

Eat less and exercise more!

Having said that, who wants to be hungry all the time? I eat more than I have ever done. I eat curries, pastas, the occasional pizza but still maintain very low body fat and I’m able to build muscle. How is this possible? Simple, I know what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it!

I can show you how the marketers try to get us to buy “diet” or “low nutritionfat” versions when they are more fatty than other standard options. I can show you how to make a healthy, awesome tasting bhuna from scratch in the same time it takes to open a jar. The jar of curry may have 1000 calories, but my authentic home made sauce has about 80 calories and these all come from one of your five a day!

The key to good nutrition is all about knowing what, when and how much to eat – this way you will still enjoy flavoursome, exciting meals made quickly and easily. I will show you how to do all this for FREE as part of my Personal Training Package. Check out my blog post on choosing a low fat mince.







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