Lifestyle Questionnaire

    1. Do you smoke?If so how many?

    2. Over the past year, how often have you participated in moderate-intense physical activity (e.g jogging, gym, zumba, circuits etc)?

      Please tick the one that is closest.

      • 1-2 times per week3-4 times per week2-3 times per weekNot at all

    3. What kind of work do you do? Does it involve physical activity (e.g. lifting, walking)?

    4. How do you usually eat at work?Please tick the one that is most typical.

      • Take my own lunchWork’s canteenBuy pre-packed lunch from shop / supermarketTakeaway (e.g. McDonalds, Fish and chips, cafe etc)

    5. What activities do you do in your spare time?

    6. How many days a week do you drink alcohol?

    7. How many bottles/cans of beer / glasses of wine would you have on a typical Friday/Saturday night?

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