Informed Consent

    I understand that the purpose of the exercise programme is to provide safe and individualised exercise to improve health and fitness.

    Exercises may include

    • Cardiovascular activities – walking, running, stair-climbing, jumping, circuit training, skipping and other such activities.

    • Resistance training activities using free weights, resistance bands, park benches, circuit training, climbing frames and body weight exercises.

    • Core and flexibility exercises to improve cores stability and movement around the joints and Range of Motion.

    Potential risks

    This exercise programme is designed to place a gradually increasing workload on the cardiovascular and muscular system and thereby improve their function.The reaction of the Cardiovascular and muscular system cannot always be predicted with complete accuracy. There is a risk that certain changes may occur during or following the exercises. This could relate to changes in blood pressure, heart rate or blood sugar levels.

    Potential benefits

    I understand that a programme of regular exercise has been shown to be beneficial. Some of these benefits include:

    • A decrease in risk of heart disease

    • A decrease in body fat

    • Improved blood pressure

    • Improved psychological function

    • Improvement in aerobic fitness

    The personal training programme has been explained to me and my questions regarding the programme have been answered to my satisfaction.I understand that I am free to withdraw at any time. The information obtained will be treated at private and confidential.

    I Agree to the Terms and Conditions

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