Nicky came to see me 12 weeks before her 50th birthday. Her goal was to lose some weight for her big party. I explained that I don’t do quick-fix transformations and that any approaches to training and diet would be based around a long-term philosophy of healthy eating and exercise, but we could definitely get some visible results in that time!

Nicky trained with me once a week and followed a programme of running and bodyweight exercises (squats, press ups, lunges, sit ups etc) at home. Nicky and I also worked together to also completely overhaul her diet. We moved her from a “diet” mentality to “health” mentality, so out went the Ryvita and Shape yoghurt and they were replaced by meat, dairy, wholegrains, fruit, veg and nuts.

The result was an 8lb reduction in weight, a dramatic reduction in body fat and a massive increase in strength, including not being able to do a single sit up on week 1, to doing 58 sit ups in three minutes on week 12.

As I always say, it’s not about how you look, it’s about how you feel! Check out Nicky’s thoughts on her fantastic progress.



Written by: Danny Sroda

I am a friendly and experienced Personal Trainer, based between Leeds and Bradford and covering surrounding areas including Halifax and Dewsbury. I provide very friendly, motivating and inspiring one-to-one personal training. I can train you at home or at work to ensure make the most of your time. Specialist in: - Weight loss - Motivation - Body transformation - Muscle building - Diet and nutrition - Fat loss - Personal development, peak performance, goal setting and one-to-one coaching. I practice what I preach and have made the changes that you want to make. Together we can achieve all your health and fitness goals, whether they are to lose weight, get fit or get an amazing body, you will achieve it! Send me a message via FB or call/text/email today for a FREE no obligation consultation about your fitness goals.

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